Tremendously effective & ideal for virtually all building applications the Kordon Termite Barrier system gives you the highest level of termite protection for your property.

  • Kordon Termite SystemFully compliant with the Australian Building Code.
  • Bayer provided 10 Year, $100,000 structural timber replacement warranty.
  • Fifty year – Life of the building termite protection.
  • Kordon is both enviromentally friendly and free of allergens.
  • Kordon is an Australian developed and manufactured product.
  • Bayer Environmental Science provide global backing for Kordon.
  • Fully Australian Made and available country wide.
  • Installed by Bayer authorised installers only – ensuring installation quality and “Peace of Mind.”


How Kordon Works:

  •   The active ingredient in Kordon is deltamethrin, which is a synthetic pyrethroid. It is fatal to termites which have any contact with the Kordon material. As important, is the powerful termite repellent effect which deltamethrin provides.,Termites generally are unlikely to even to approach the Kordon barrier, let alone pass through it.
  • The Kordon fibrous webbing is impregnated with deltamethrin and is laminated on both sides of the material. The uppermost layer consists of a 200-micron orange plastic layer provides a moisture vapour barrier. The bottom black plastic layer fully encapsulates, protects and completes the physical termite barrier.
  • Kordon is classified as a building product and has full approval to be used in local government areas where the use of soil termiticide treatments has been disallowed.

Warranty: The extensive testing of Kordon by Bayer and various independent authorities has established that the barrier should remain effective for over 50 years – the commercial life of a building. Additionally when correctly installed by a currently accredited Kordon installer, Bayer provides a 10-year $100,000 structural timber replacement warranty against termite penetration. Upon completion of the building project, Bayer and the accredited installer provide a comprehensive set of documentation to the building owner. Additionally, Kordon is certified by the Australian Building Codes Board – certification number 2003/001 – and has been approved for use in ‘allergen-free’ construction.

The Kordon documentation your accredited installer provides includes the following:

  • The Kordon 10-year Warranty.
  • A Certificate of Compliance to Australian Standard 3660.1-2000 and the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • An Installation Report detailing exactly where Kordon has been installed.
  • The Annual Inspection Sticker to record the date of regular inspection.